Saturday, February 11, 2012

Islam is on a roll

Over and over again, the Jihadists tell us exactly and clearly why they are attacking and killing non-believers in the West. It’s not because they're poor, or disenfranchised, or discriminated against or persecuted. It's solely because as pious Muslims, they are commanded by the Quran and example of Mohammed to impose Islam on all of humanity.

Some use violence and some use deceit, but all have one goal; the imposition of Sharia.

The recent phenomom of the "Arab spring" in the Middle
East is inspiring Muslims everywhere to do whatever they can to make Sharia the universal law. We are seeing alliances of Shia and Sunni that only a few years ago were thought to be impossible. In Europe we see a growing number of "No Go Areas" where no government agencies go without massive police protection. We see Sharia courts springing up in a parallel legal system that ignore the laws of host countries. From the Middle East to South Asia to the Far East Salafi Muslims are demanding and getting control of the local governments.

Inch by inch and step by step, Islamists wage every effort to infiltrate and take control of Western society.

Islam is on a roll. The 21st century will surely be known as the century of the Grand Jihad. The forces of freedom and democracy are locked in mortal combat with a determined and unrelenting enemy known as Islam. The future of the world will be determined in the next hundred years.

Unless our governments quickly acknowledge and address the ongoing threat, the Islamists will surely take control and plunge the world into a period of darkness and barbarism never before seen.