Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jihad from jail

This news release from the Daily Mail is but the latest in a growing list of incidences of Muslims incarcerated for terrorist offences using the internet and other media to further the Islamic invasion of the West. Additionally, those Muslims are a primary source of recruitment of other inmates to convert to Islam and join the Grand Jihad. British prisons are not alone in this. Prisons throughout the Western world face the same problems.

It's pretty obvious that the current state of security within the prison systems is totally inadequate.

So what's to be done about it?

Well, for starters, Muslims convicted of any sort of terrorist activity must be held in segregated prisons. They must be denied any and all contact with the outside world except for strictly monitored legal meetings and family visits. This of course means no internet and no phones. ALL correspondence must be monitored by intelligence analysts. Family and legal meetings need to be “no contact” through glass walls with monitored phones. These meetings need to be restricted to the bare legal minimum to lessen the strain on the prison system. Additionally, Muslim chaplains must be vetted and closely monitored both in and out of the prisons as they are a known conduit for radicalizing Muslim prisoners and passing contraband. They must be physically searched, entering and leaving the prison as thoroughly as any other visitor.

Length of sentence for ANY terrorist activity must be for life and a day. To release a dedicated, pious Muslim terrorist back into society will certainly result in more terrorist activity. Islam knows no time tables or time limits in it’s efforts to dominate the world and it’s practitioners must be dealt with in the same vein. There is also the message to would be terrorists that convicted Muslim terrorists will NEVER be released and will die in prison.

If the West does not take the strongest measures to eradicate the cancer known as Islam within our society, we will eventually succumb to it.


Jihad from jail: Islamic terrorists using network website to preach hatred from behind bars

* Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada and Osman Hussain are some of the extremists using the site
* Website is used as networking tool for jihadist militants
* Posts celebrate murder of innocent people and urge fresh atrocities against the West
* Inmates urged to lie about their reform to get early release to continue holy war
* Letters reveal prisoners are radicalising other inmates
* Ministry of Justice said it recognises risk posed by extremist offenders

Last updated at 12:59 PM on 19th February 2012

Islamic terrorists are using the internet to spread their hatred from behind bars.

Dozens of letters written by some of the world's most dangerous extremists - including those locked up for murderous plots in Britain - have been published on

The hate-filled messages celebrate murder of innocent people and urge fresh atrocities against the West.

The website is being used as a networking tool for the jihadist militants - many with links to al-Qaeda - and encourages the public to send emails, with the promise that their letters will be passed onto the inmates.

Its users include notorious hate preachers Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada. who was released under strict bail conditions, which include a ban on him using the internet, this month.

Leaders of terrorist plots targeting passenger planes and London landmarks are also said to have used the website, including Hussain Osman, jailed for his botched attempt to blow up Shepherd's Bush Tube station in 2005.

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