Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Twitter user accused of apostasy in Saudi Arabia

Mob rule is what keeps Islam going. Time and again we see Muslims swarming like an ant colony over even the slightest "offense" to Islam or the Pedophile Mohammed. True to the teachings of Mohammed, they rage and demand death for the "crime" apostasy.


Another Twitter user accused of apostasy in Saudi Arabia

Arab expatriate offends in remarks on micro-blogging site
By Staff

Published Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Arab man in Saudi Arabia is accused of offending Islam and its Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) in remarks on his Twitter page, the second man to be charged with apostasy in the Gulf Kingdom.

Hundreds of Twitter users joined hands in demanding the arrest of Mohammed Salama on apostasy charges as was the case of Hamza Kashgari who is in jail for offending the Prophet (PBUH) in comments on his Twitter page.

“Mohammed Salama has followed the same path followed by Hamza Kashgari,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said without specifying his nationality.

It said Salama had just cancelled his page from Twitter for fear of arrest but added he had been sacked from work at a dairy company in Saudi Arabia.

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