Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Qatar: divorce peak caused by women, survey

Another little look into what real life is like under even an "advanced and moderate" Islamic state. There are NO women's rights as we know them under Sharia.


Qatar: divorce peak caused by women, survey

23 February, 18:57

(ANSAmed) - DOHA, FEBRUARY 23 - The fact that Qatar's divorce rate is rising can be blamed on the women in the country, according to a survey carried out by newspaper The Peninsula.

Based on this study, more than half of divorces in Qatar are the result of women disobeying their husband: in at least 20% of divorces the women behaved badly and 36% were caused by insolent behaviour by women. Some 17% of divorces are caused by women refusing to do their household chores. In 9% of the cases the husband decides to divorce out of jealousy, but also in these cases women are to blame, because they made their husband jealous by leaving the house on their own. One in three wives in Qatar suffer physical or psychological violence from the side of their husband, but this is not one of the listed causes for divorce in the survey. In a country in which the wife and daughter of the Emir are career women leading financial empires with great responsibilities and power, the situation of women in Qatar is still heavily influenced by the country's culture. Qatar is still unable to women playing an important role in society and in marriage, but can see them as cause for family break-ups.