Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turkey deports Femen activists protesting violence against women

Femen activists chant slogans in ?stanbul Airport. (Photo: AA)
10 March 2012 / TODAYSZAMAN.COM

Four ballsy women protest domestic violence in Turkey. Go ladies.


Turkey deports Femen activists protesting violence against women

Turkey has deported Ukrainian women's rights activists who have staged a topless demonstration to protest domestic violence against women in Turkey on charges of violating a law on foreigners’ residence and travel to Turkey.

Four members of the Femen group, wearing bruise-like makeup, chanted slogans and displayed banners in the one-minute protest in ?stanbul to mark International Women's Day on Thursday.

Using makeup, they also portrayed themselves women who had been beaten or suffered acid burns at the hands of husbands or in-laws.

They were immediately dragged into a police vehicle and driven away.

Police took them to Foreigners Department at ?stanbul Police Department on Friday and sent them with a civilian car to Atatürk ?stanbul International Airport. They were accompanied by police with civilian clothes until they left ?stanbul for Kyiv.

Four Femen activists chanted ''freedom for FEMEN” while heading to passport control.