Monday, April 23, 2012

Islam is Sociopathic

By nature, Islam is sociopathic.  There absolutely no compassion or feeling of any kind (except hate) by Muslims for any non-Muslim.  We see examples such as kidnappings for forced marriages and conversion to Islam of non-Muslim girls and women.  They become de facto slaves, wrenched from their families never to return.  Suicide bombings against the West happen so often they’re almost a “regular” event.  Taqiyya, or the sanctioned lying to infidels is ingrained into Islamic culture.

There is simply no counterpart in Western society for the mindless and violent actions of Muslims.  That makes it extremely difficult for the average Joe to comprehend the dire dangers the Third Jihad is presenting.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, the violence of Islam has become so pronounced and frequent that even the Politically Correct main stream media has to take notice and report the more heinous attacks.

Until the West accepts that Islam is NOT a religion, but rather a political entity in the guise of religion, we will continue to lose the fight to maintain our freedoms from the Muslim invasion.