Saturday, April 14, 2012

Muslim cabbie in UK sacked after kicking out family for carrying 'anti-religion' wine bottle

This crap just keeps going on. And it will until victims of these Muslim outrages stand up and call them out. Instead of meekly getting out of the cab, these folks should have just sat there and called the police on their cell phone to report a hate crime.

Until the man-in-the-street starts taking direct action and refusing to give in to Muslim thugs, the situation will just get worse. It's pretty plain by now that most Western governments are too timid to actively enforce ordinances designed to protect the public from racial/religious discrimination by Muslims. Of course, if it was a Muslim complaining, it would be front page news and the Muslim "victims" would be on TV bemoaning the horrid treatment by the dirty kuffar.


Muslim cabbie in UK sacked after kicking out family for carrying 'anti-religion' wine bottle

London, Sat, 14 Apr 2012 ANI

London, Apr 14 (ANI): A Muslim taxi driver in Britain has been sacked after he refused a family permission to carry an unopened bottle of wine into his car because it went against his religion.

The cab driver kicked out Adrian Cartwright, 46, his wife and young daughter during a journey to an Indian restaurant, after he spotted an unopened bottle of white wine.

Cartwright later wrote about the incident in detail on Facebook, prompting the driver's Asian-run taxi firm to sack him, reports.

"We all got inside the car and the driver said: 'Is that alcohol?' When I said 'yes' he replied: 'I am sorry but I can't allow it in my cab - it's against my religion," Cartwright wrote on the social networking site.

"I knew it wasn't worth arguing so we had to get out," he added.

According to the report, Cartwright complained to Borough Cars in Royton, Greater Manchester, and the self-employed cabbie was fired 30 minutes later.

The firm, a co-operative of 70 predominantly Muslim drivers, later apologised to the family. (ANI)