Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two teachers arrested over blasphemy

Over and over again, Muslims demonstrate that Islam is nothing more than mob rule. Like a disturbed ant colony thousands of Muslims come swarming out in minutes on the mere rumor of blasphemy. Chants for the death of the suspect are the bread and butter of a good Muslim riot.


Two teachers arrested over blasphemy

Police in Bangladesh said yesterday they had arrested two school teachers on suspicion of staging a drama containing blasphemous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad.

The school’s Muslim headmaster and a female Hindu teacher were detained on Friday as thousands protested the play following weekly prayers at Kaliganj, 250km (155 miles) southwest of the capital Dhaka, police chief Farid Uddin said.

The protesters alleged that the play, entitled Huzur Qibla, which was staged by pupils on Tuesday contained derogatory remarks about the prophet.

“The drama contained blasphemous remarks about the Prophet, which angered Muslim villagers,” the local police official told AFP,
He said the teachers had been accused of “hurting religious sentiment” for helping organise the drama at their school.
At least 3,000 demonstrators barricaded a key road and held noisy protests in front of the school and in other towns in the district on Friday.

Violence also erupted yesterday as up to 7,000 Muslims shouted slogans and set ablaze the house of the drama’s director, who has fled the remote area, another senior police official Zaiadul Haq told AFP.
“The situation is still volatile,” he said.
Some 90% of Bangladesh’s 150mn people are Muslim and Islam is country’s state religion.

The country’s secular government has dealt harshly with any event or publications seen as potentially upsetting religious feelings out of concern they could trigger protests by ultra-conservative Islamist outfits.

Earlier in March, a court in Muslim-majority Bangladesh ordered the government to immediately block pages of websites with content deemed to hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims.
The high court issued the order after two university teachers filed a petition seeking action against the publication of offensive material on a few Facebook pages and another website, which they said was disparaging of the Prophet and Islam.