Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anti-Ahmedi laws: Police act as worship place ‘looks like a mosque’

Muslim tolerance in action.  It's always informative to watch Muslim intolerance and infighting among the various sects.  Hopefully our intelligence agencies are taking advantage of their hatreds and fomenting even more unrest among them.  A unified Islamic ummah would be a terribly difficult foe to defeat.  As long as the various sects murder and suppress each other, the West has a better chance to defeat the Grand Jihad.

It's also interesting to note that the Ahmedi's have been outlawed in Pakistani law.  Of course since Pakistan is an Islamic republic, Sharia and the Quran take precedent over any secular law.  this should be a word to the wise to those who believe that Sharia and Western law are compatible.


Anti-Ahmedi laws: Police act as worship place ‘looks like a mosque’
Qurani­c verses on walls remove­d, minare­ts to be covere­d.

By Rana Tanveer
Published: May 4, 2012


Policemen scratched out Quranic verses written on the walls of an Ahmedi place of worship and ordered them to cover up short minarets at the entrance as they made the place look like a mosque, The Express Tribune has learnt.

After receiving a complaint about the place of worship in Sultanpura, Kachhupura, a large contingent of Misri Shah police visited it on Wednesday and told the Ahmedis they had a day to make the place look less like a mosque, failing which a case would be registered against them under the ‘Anti-lslamic Activities of Qadiani Group, Lahori Group and Ahmadis (Prohibition and Punishment) Ordinance’ of 1984.

The policemen etched out the verses at the main gate and entrance to the main hall. They were about to tear down the minarets, about five feet high, at the main gate too, but local Ahmedis convinced them to give them a day to cover them as demolishing them would have damaged the whole structure.

An Ahmedi familiar with the matter said that for several days, “irrelevant people” had been instigating non-Ahmedis in the area to complain about the place of worship. He said that they had applied to the local police for the registration of an FIR. He said that the deputy superintendent of police (DSP) concerned had met both sides on Tuesday and they had reached a compromise whereby no case would be registered provided the verses and minarets were removed.

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