Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mosques in the U.S.

Islam in America operates from it's Mosques.  They are one of the main sources of recruiting support for Islamic terrorism.


Mosques in the U.S. are gaining popularity. Of the 1,200 mosques currently operating in the U.S., nearly 80 percent have been built in the past 12 years.

A large majority of mosques in the United States are led by Wahhabi clerics. Wahhabism is an extreme brand of Islam practiced dominantly in Saudi Arabia. According to Muslim estimates, up to 80 percent of mosques in the U.S. are owned, operated and led by Wahhabis.

These radical mosques often promote the installation of Sharia law, an extreme ideology that considers ‘non-believers’ to be infidels. According to Wahhabis, Jihad or support of Jihad is a Muslim duty. They believe that suicide bombers and martyrs are worthy of the highest praise and reward. And radicals are anticipating the day when an Islamic state will one day span the U.S.

Not all mosques in America are radical, but many have served as havens and meeting points for Islamic terrorist groups. Experts indicate 40 separate episodes connecting U.S. mosques to terrorist organizations in the past decade.

An in-depth study of 100 mosques and Islamic schools has found that 3 out of 4 Islamic centers are promoting anti-western and anti-American ideology. Many receive funding from Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Islamic Society of Boston, MA has built a $22 million Islamic Cultural Center, whose founder, Abdurahman Alamoudi, is under scrutiny for extremist ties. Alamoudi currently sits in federal prison.

A former professor at Harvard University encountered a local mosque in Cambridge, MA distributing Wahhabi reading materials that preach hatred toward America.

In addition to the promotion of dangerous ideology, many mosques have been suspected and accused of raising funds then sent to terrorist organizations.

Several local businessmen connected with the Al Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn allegedly funneled more than $20 million to al-Qaeda through a cleric in Yemen. The spiritual leader of the mosque, Sheik Muhammad Ali Hasan Al-Moayad has been accused of promoting terror and supporting terrorists including the blind Egyptian sheik convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

In addition to teaching intolerance and hatred, these radical spiritual leaders are turning their followers into accessories. By raising money from their congregations, these radical Imams are creating Americans that directly support and fund anti-western terror activity.

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