Friday, June 8, 2012

Islam Is On The Move

From Morocco where the new government is banning all alcohol, to Tunisia  where Human Rights Minister Samir Dilou has rejected calls by the United Nations Human Rights Council to decriminalize same-sex acts, to Indonesia’s Aceh province  where "tight clothing" is to be banned because it is "un-Islamic" conservative Muslims are imposing more restrictive laws in the name of Islam.  The "Arab Spring" is not only opening the way for more radical Islamists in North Africa, but throughout the Muslim world. 

The current Grand Jihad is busy not only imposing strict, pure Islam on more liberal Muslims it's waging stealth jihad on non-Muslims throughout the world.  What we are seeing since 9/11 is the resurgence of Jihadism led by Saudi Arabia for the Sunnis and Iran for the Shia.  History will surely mark the 21st century as the century of great Islamic wars against the non-Islamic world. 

The question is, will the West fight back.