Monday, July 9, 2012

The Election Farce in Libya

A piercing look by Daniel Greenfield at the true situation in Libya, which is about to join the other countries now dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Soon, all of North Africa will be under their control.  Of course, Western useful idiots (Read Obama and the other Western leaders) can't wait to throw money at the Brotherhood to cement its victory.

The world has been changed for the worse, but this is not yet the worst.  Once the Brotherhood consolidates its power it will begin a power struggle to dominate Saudi Arabia and Iran.  There will be economic fallout for the West through oil prices and the desire for nuclear weapons.  However, as long as the major Muslim sects vie for dominance, they are unable to mount a truly global assault on Western civilization.  


The Election Farce in Libya

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 9, 2012 @ 12:55 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

The official story for the Libyan election has already been written. Even before the count is fully complete, newspaper headlines from London to Sydney to New York are hailing the triumph of a liberal party over the Islamists. Few of them notice or care that these election results seem to neatly reflect the agreement made between the Muslim Brotherhood and the National Forces Alliance before the election even took place.

While the media does its best to spin the election as a setback for the Muslim Brotherhood, it is nothing of the kind. Libya is the second country that Obama has delivered into the hands of the Brotherhood with Syria set to be the third. The Libyan election was a public show of support for a coalition that predated the election. A coalition in which the Muslim Brotherhood is set to play the 800-pound gorilla.

No media outlets noted that the Libyan military had been put on full alert through the election or that a helicopter belonging to the electoral commission came under anti-aircraft fire in the civil war burning behind the scenes of the phony transition. There are few mentions of the independence protests and the shooting of independence protesters by state security forces, and even fewer mentions of the ballots burned, multiple attacks on polling places and firefights between armed gunmen.

The media has its hand-fed story and will be sticking to it. Unfortunately there are some problems with their story.

For one thing the National Forces Alliance is neither liberal nor secular. Rather, it describes itself as moderate Islamist. And it isn’t a political party, but a bloc of around 60 parties and hundreds of civil and national organizations, ranging from tribal groups to soccer clubs. The goal was to create as broad a coalition as possible, and we won’t find out exactly who is in the alliance until much later. It is a safe bet that a group that broad includes terrorists and people too ugly for even Obama to shake hands with.

Describing a coalition of that size and scope as liberal is journalistic malpractice. It also isn’t remotely true.

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