Wednesday, July 11, 2012

India politician to call for crackdown on anti-Islam Facebook

Here we go again, Muslims demanding that the WHOLE WORLD comply with Sharia law.  Their arrogance is boundless.  But this does illustrate the Muslim mindset: Allah is supreme and we will impose his will on you filthy kuffars because he commands it. 

Um... no thanks. 


India politician to call for crackdown on anti-Islam Facebook

Bikya Masr Staff | 10 July 2012

NEW DELHI: An Indian political leader has said he will push Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to bolster policing of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to crackdown on “offensive” postings on the sites.

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on Tuesday said that he would raise the question of “anti-Islamic” material with the PM push for stricter laws against posting such “objectionable material on social networking sites.”

“Mulayam Singh has said that he will talk to Prime Minister over the issue of anti-Islam obscene material on Facebook and ask him to frame a strict law to prevent it,” said a statement from the ruling Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh.

The issue would also be raised in Parliament, the statement added.

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