Friday, August 24, 2012

France Seeks to Reclaim 'No-Go' Zones

How this all works out will be very interesting to all those countries that suffer from Muslim No Go Zones in their cities, and in some cases, the countryside.  This will be watched with great interest by other Western nations with Muslim No Go Zones.  BTW, the entire town of Dearborn Michigan, USA is rapidly becoming a Muslim No Go Zone. 

This article gives a historical view of the Muslim No Go Zones in France and should be instructive to other Western nations wondering what to do with their own Muslim invasions. 

The government efforts to root out Muslim criminal gangs and open the No Go Zones to non-Muslims will almost certainly result in major rioting and civil disorder by the Muslim population.


France Seeks to Reclaim 'No-Go' Zones

by Soeren Kern
August 24, 2012 at 4:00 am
    Despite the scale of the damage, French police have hesitated to make any arrests for fear of sparking more riots. Residents of the neighborhood know the names of the perpetrators but "nobody dares to speak for fear of reprisals." "You can no longer order a pizza or get a doctor to come to the house."

The French government has announced a plan to boost policing in 15 of the most crime-ridden parts of France in an effort to reassert state control over the country's so-called "no-go" zones: Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims.

The crime-infested districts, which the French Interior Ministry has designated as Priority Security Zones (zones de sécurité prioritaires, or ZSP), include heavily Muslim parts of Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lille and Amiens, where Muslim youths recently went on a two-day arson rampage that caused extensive property damage and injured more than a dozen police officers.

The crackdown on lawlessness in the ZSP is set to begin in September, when French Interior Minister Manuel Valls plans to deploy riot police, detectives and intelligence agents into the selected areas. The hope is that a "North American-style" war on crime can prevent France's impoverished suburbs from descending into turmoil.

If the new policy results in a drop in crime, Valls is expected to name up to 40 more ZSP before the summer of 2013.

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