Thursday, August 23, 2012

Runaway couple murdered, bodies hung on tree in Chakwal

This is the Pakistani version of Romeo and Juliet.  Just another day of 7th century barbarism and Islam.


Runaway couple murdered, bodies hung on tree in Chakwal

By Web Desk

Published: August 23, 2012

CHAKWAL: A runaway couple belonging to Chakwal was murdered and their bodies were later hung from a tree, Express News reported Thursday.

Almas Khan, belonging to the Maswal area that comes under the jurisdiction of Dhandial Police Station, had married Malik Mazhar Hussain’s daughter Shamim Akhtar. The couple had eloped to Mardan.

Hussain registered a kidnapping case in the Dhandial Police Station.

On the occasion of Eid, Akhtar’s family contacted the couple over the phone and assured them that they will be forgiven if they come back.

A day before Eid, the couple came back to the village, after which they were shot at and killed. Their bodies were hung from a tree.

The police shifted the bodies to a nearby hospital and initiated investigation.