Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brownsburg Community Schools' website purportedly hacked

Now the miserable, low life, scum sucking Islamists are hacking school websites in order to terrorize the students.  There is just no limit to depths to which the Muslim street will not sink.  Sadly, the school administration has apologized "for any offensive language or information on the site and for the inconvenience of its unavailability" instead of stating they had been attacked by Muslim jihadists.

Brownsburg Community Schools' website purportedly hacked

By Reba Chenoweth

8:39 p.m. EDT, September 12, 2012


Brownsburg Community Schools' website was hacked Wednesday by someone claiming to represent the group All Muslims of the World.

The hackers replaced the school system's main page with graphics of Arabic writing which said, "I sacrificed my mother, my father, and myself for Allah."

White text on a black background also said, "This breakthrough in response to the film and graphics depicting the master of the world may Allah bless him and grant him peace."

The film mentioned is an anti-Islam movie that led to massive demonstrations across the Middle East Tuesday. Protestors also stormed the American Consulate in Libya, killing four Americans. U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens was among those killed.

The film is believed to have been produced in California.
Red text on the page also declared, "Coming, soon you will hear voices of our swords."

A graphic at the bottom of the page showed a young girl with an Iraqi flag superimposed over her face. Beneath that image read, "hacked by IRAQI-TOP."

It's not clear who is truly behind the hack, All Muslims of the World, IRAQI-TOP or another group.

Brownsburg Community Schools released the following statement Wednesday evening:

"Brownsburg Community School Corporation believes its website was hacked earlier this evening. District personnel and police are aggressively investigating how this happened and who is responsible. The site in its hacked state appears to have only been visible for approximately half an hour before staff was alerted and the site taken down. BCSC apologizes for any offensive language or information on the site and for the inconvenience of its unavailability.

"The website will be up as soon as we are assured it is safe. More information will be available as the investigation continues."