Saturday, September 8, 2012

Islamic Jihad and Western Submission

Islamic Jihad and Western Submission

The Jihad has reached the stage where Western governments are now enforcing Sharia law on non-Muslims.  Our governments enforcing Sharia to avoid Muslim riots and terrorist attacks.  It's quite amazing in that even ten years ago such dhimmitude was unknown.  Slowly but relentlessly the Islamic street has been subverting and neutering Western society by invoking the "Islamophobia" label at anyone daring to question in any way the Muslim invasion. 

From Germany we have a tenured professor of history being investigated by the government merely for writing a book delving into the question of Mohammed’s possible mental illnesses.  But because Muslims cannot tolerate any questioning of the Pedophile Mohammed, and they might riot in the streets, the government is trying to suppress and discredit the professors work.

And Sweden, in cooperation with Interpol is hunting for a convert from Islam to Christianity because under Sharia law and the Quran, apostates from Islam must be put to death.  In other words, a western nation and an international law enforcement organization is enforcing Sharia law on non-Muslims at the request of Saudi Arabia.  This odious perversion of justice is happening with such frequency that it now seems "normal" to much of the West. 

All in all, we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated and subverted by a barbaric, 7th century "religion" made up by a sociopathic pedophile.  Where is the "Greatest Generation" when you need them?  Our grandparents could not believe the depths of submission to which we have sunk, and the cowardly way we submit.