Friday, September 14, 2012

More Demonstrations Planned For 'Friday of Anger' in Cairo

This will give Obama a reason to pump more billions into the bottomless shithole known as Egypt in appeasement. 

Stand up for America Mr. President.  Stop shoving your nose up the rear ends of Islamic terrorists.  You disgrace our nation through your endless pandering to people who riot, murder and oppress the minorities under their control.

Appeasement is just another word for cowardice. 


More Demonstrations Planned For 'Friday of Anger' in Cairo

Islamic forces have called for a million-man demonstration on Friday [September 14] in protest of a film that insults the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. A number of Coptic Egyptian immigrants in the United States took part in the production of the amateur Youtube video.

Muslim Brotherhood youths announced on their Facebook pages their solidarity with calls for the demonstration, saying they would participate in it despite a formal decision made by the party not to call for protests. Coptic priests nationwide rejected the offensive film, stressing that religious symbols are a red line.

In a statement released yesterday [September 11], the US embassy in Cairo condemned the insulting film, describing it as a continued effort by “misguided individuals” to hurt the feelings of Muslims. The statement declared the United States’ firm rejection of hurting the religious beliefs of others.

In reaction to the film, hundreds of followers of Islamic movements yesterday surrounded the entrances leading to the American embassy in Cairo to denounce the film that offends the Prophet Muhammad, which was produced in collaboration with Coptic Egyptian immigrants in the United States. The US embassy had a heavy security presence in order to protect the premises.

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