Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama Rebuilds Mosques While Churches Burn

It just gets worser and worser.  I don't know if the previous administration was also funding the building and restoration of mosques in Islamic countries, but this one sure is.  And at the same time the recipients of our billions of taxpayer dollars is being pumped into these pestholes, the natives there are systematically destroying all Christian churches while killing and driving Christians from their homes and businesses.  At what point will our elected officials take care of Americans and American interests before they squander our lucre and lives in an endless spiral into dhimmitude to the Islamic world?


Obama Rebuilds Mosques While Churches Burn

Posted By Frank Crimi On September 26, 2012 @ 12:02 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

While Christian churches are being destroyed on a near daily basis in Muslim countries throughout the world, the Obama administration is investing millions of dollars to rebuild overseas Islamic mosques and minarets.

According to the State Department, the mosque restoration program, first reported on back in 2010, is a “cultural preservation” project designed to “fight Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders.”

To that end, the State Department, through the US Agency for International Development, is spending millions to preserve mosques and minarets in 27 different Islamic countries.

While the State Department would not reveal the entire cost of its Muslim outreach program, it did acknowledge one restoration project, the refurbishing of Egypt’s 1,300-year-old Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque, was part of a $770 million program to rebuild Cairo’s sewer system.

Perhaps the State Department’s reticence in sharing the full fiscal details of its taxpayer-funded Islamic goodwill project centered on the fact that federal regulations prohibit USAID funds from being used for saving structures which are used for “inherently religious activities.”

Of course, it should be noted, that the “inherently religious activities” of those overseas Islamic mosques includes preaching hatred of Jews, Christians and Americans, incitement to terrorist activity, and global imposition of Islamic rule.

In recent days, Muslim clerics in at least 20 Islamic countries have used these “houses of worship” to urge their congregations to take to the streets in violent protests to defend Islam over the release of the video “Innocence of Muslims.”

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