Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Screening of controversial Channel 4 documentary on history of Islam cancelled after presenter is threatened

Another academic documentary on Islam canceled out of sheer cowardice.  The Islamists win again.  Bit by bit, the West is ceding it's heritage and it's future to the totalitarian abomination known as Islam.  This article states that Channel 4 was FORCED to cancel a screening, but that's not true.  No one forced them.  They merely cowered in abject dhimmitude in the face of Muslim threats of violence.  Where are the police and government to give them protection and prosecute those making terroristic threats?  Well, I imagine them peeking out from behind their Mommies skirts and begging not to be hurt by the boogie man.


Screening of controversial Channel 4 documentary on history of Islam cancelled after presenter is threatened

    Historian Tom Holland received online abuse after programme prompted more than 1,200 complaints

By Liz Thomas

PUBLISHED: 13:38 EST, 11 September 2012 | UPDATED: 14:18 EST, 11 September 2012

Channel 4 has been forced to cancel a screening of the controversial documentary Islam: The Untold Story, after the presenter was threatened with physical violence.

Historian Tom Holland received abusive messages on Twitter and warnings he would come to harm because of the film, in which he suggests that Islam is a 'made-up' religion.

The programme has already been aired on Channel 4, sparking more than 1,200 complaints, but the broadcaster was planning a screening for 'opinion formers' at its London headquarters later this month.

It had hoped to organise a debate around the screening but the whole event has had to be axed because of fears it would be targeted.

Critics have accused Holland of distorting the history of the religion in Islam: The Untold Story.

His investigation into its origins claimed that there is little written contemporary evidence about the prophet Mohammed.

He also suggests the Koran makes little or no reference to Islam’s holy city of Mecca, and argues there is no evidence for the general assertion that Islam began 'fully formed' in the 7th century.

Instead Holland says it has developed over the centuries into the religion we know today.

The Islamic Education and Research Academy accused him of making 'baseless assumptions' and engaging in 'selective scholarship'.

Holland received abusive tweets questioning his views on the religion. Some posted physical threats to the Cambridge-educated historian via Twitter, while one called him a ‘fool’ for suggesting Islam is a ‘made-up religion’.

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