Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Al-Qaeda's Strategy of a "Thousand Cuts"

Arson jihad.  There seems to be as many jihads as there are Muslims.  Oh yeah, that's right, it's every Muslim's duty to fight the un-belivers any way they can.  Then of course, there are bombs, suicide vests, lawfare, and anything else a good Muslim can think of to dominate the kuffar.


Al-Qaeda's Strategy of a "Thousand Cuts"

by Soeren Kern

October 30, 2012 at 5:00 am

"Fire Is One of the Soldiers of Allah."

Spanish police have arrested six members of an al-Qaeda cell in Barcelona that was dedicated to providing a related terrorist cell in Germany with large numbers of stolen passports.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said the police action, dubbed Operation Comet, was carried out on October 13 in Barcelona and the nearby town of Vilanova del Camí, and entailed police raids on at least four homes of Muslim immigrants involved in the network. Police found large numbers of stolen passports and identity papers issued in many different countries.

Those arrested were from Algeria, Belgium and Morocco, and all were carrying stolen passports that included their own photos attached to the personal data of dozens of individuals from several different countries.

One of those arrested was intercepted at the main airport in Barcelona as he was about to board a flight to Greece; he had more than 100 stolen passports in his possession.

Some of Barcelona's tourist areas, especially those in the downtown areas, are known for having gangs of North African pickpockets who prey on foreigners. On any given day, tourists can be seen standing in lines in front of local police stations waiting to file police reports about stolen passports and other personal possessions. Spanish police believe many of the passports stolen in Spain end up in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives in Europe, among other places.

Operation Comet was launched after German anti-terrorism officials alerted the Spanish Interior Ministry to links between the two terrorist cells. In April 2011, for example, German police arrested three members of an al-Qaeda cell in the cities of Düsseldorf and Bochum on suspicion of planning a shrapnel-laden bomb attack in a crowded location.

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