Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dar AlNoor mosque leader’s death is ruled suicide

While it is a tragedy any time someone commits suicide, I fail to see why this article goes on about how it is against Islam to commit suicide.  The only point of this article is to present Muslims in a sympathetic light.  So now I suppose Jeremy Borden of the Washington Post will write similar articles every time a Catholic commits suicide.

Nice propaganda piece, Jeremy you tool.


Dar AlNoor mosque leader’s death is ruled suicide

By Jeremy Borden,

After a 200-car procession to the Stafford County cemetery, the mourners stood politely in line in the oppressive July heat for a turn to shovel clay on the blue casket bearing Mohammad Mehboob’s body. But some did not want to wait for the shovel, so they grabbed at dirt to sprinkle it across the coffin, the dust swirling and then settling on their sweat- and tear-streaked faces.

The men who formed the lines and the women who maintained a respectful distance were relying on their faith to bring a semblance of order out of chaos. Mehboob’s body had been ritually bathed and wrapped in cotton; Muslim prayers for the dead had been murmured.

But the discomfitting mystery remained.

Could it be true that Mehboob, president of the Dar AlNoor mosque, or musjid, in Woodbridge and one of Northern Virginia’s most highly regarded Muslims, had committed suicide? Why would a faithful, beloved man known for his candor and grace commit this sin?

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