Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Damage Reported At Sinclair Refinery Near Rawlins

While there is no evidence yet reported that this damage is terrorist activity, the authorities have made sure to make the boilerplate statement that "the damage doesn’t appear to be terrorism."  So since the investigations are incomplete, how the hell do they know the damage was not carried out by terrorists, Muslim or otherwise?  Well, they don't but make that statement so as not to "offend" Muslims out of fear of a violent backlash.  In today's upside down world it is more important to maintain the Politically Correct position that all Muslims are peace loving folks who just want to get along.


Damage Reported At Sinclair Refinery Near Rawlins

By Associated Press 5 days ago

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Sinclair police are investigating a report of damage to valves at the Sinclair Oil Corp. refinery near Rawlins.

Company spokesman Clint Ensign tells the Associated Press the damage was an intentional act and could’ve eventually caused a compressor unit to shut down. Workers discovered the damage Oct. 18.

Sinclair Police Chief Jeff Sanders confirmed Wednesday that his department is investigating the matter. He declined to comment further.

Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokeswoman Hayley Douglass says her agency sent investigators to the refinery to check the unit after the report of damage. She said the FBI also was investigating. An FBI spokesman didn’t confirm or deny an investigation.

Ensign says the damage doesn’t appear to be terrorism.