Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hague holds talks with Syrian rebels as UK and France prepare to tear up arms embargo to send weapons to defeat Assad

Once again, Western powers are lining up to help install the Muslim Brotherhood and their Salafists alter egos into another Middle Eastern country.  While the West is helping so called moderate Muslim rebels, the eventual rulers will again be, as in Egypt and Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood.  As brutal and repressive as the Syrian regime is, it is far better than what will surely replace it.  At least the Asad regime had no designs on creating a global caliphate as the Muslim Brotherhood does.  Once Asad falls, that will make another country ruled by Islamists bent on regional and eventual global domination. 

The only long term delay in the Brotherhoods plans will be Shia Iran, mortal enemies to the global Sunni majority of Muslims.  The conflicts that will surely arise between Sunni and Shia will give the West time to form an alliance to counter the coming global conflict of Muslim versus non-Muslim.  Hopefully, the Shia and Sunni conflicts will deplete each others abilities to wage jihad in the pursuit of a global caliphate.

Until our Western powers realize that Islam's long term goals of global domination are implacable we will continue to delude ourselves that Islam can peacefully coexist with the West.  It is a shame that our Western politicians are so self centered and dismissive of the Islamic threat that they will sell out our heritage and future for short term success at the polls.


Hague holds talks with Syrian rebels as UK and France prepare to tear up arms embargo to send weapons to defeat Assad

By Tim Shipman

PUBLISHED: 20:16 EST, 15 November 2012 | UPDATED: 19:40 EST, 16 November 2012

Britain is preparing to recognise the Syrian rebels as the country’s government in a significant step in the deepening civil war.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said a newly-formed coalition of forces opposed to dictator Bashar  al-Assad was a ‘welcome step forward’  in the ‘emergence of a clear alternative’ regime.

He said he hoped the UK would be able 'at an early stage to recognise them as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people'.

In his first meeting with the opposition leaders yesterday, in London, he stressed the need for the rebels to commit to democracy, human rights and tolerance towards all Syria’s communities in return for recognition.

But Mr Hague said the talks with the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition forces were ‘encouraging’.

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