Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jordan's King Abdullah "Playing With Fire"

And the dominos continue to fall.  Jordan may well follow Syria in the Salafist takeover of most of the Arab world.  Soon only Saudi Arabia and several small kingdoms on the Gulf will be Salafist free. 

It has truly the Islamists Spring, supported by misguided and naive Western governments.  The Middle East is rapidly being divided between Saudis Wahaabism, Iranian Shiism, and the Muslim Brotherhood/Salafist coalition.  Once the dust settles in a year or so, the next power struggle will begin earnest between the three remaining entities.  Into the mix, the basic Islamic desire for the destruction of Israel by all the actors will bring the tensions to the boil.  There can be no good end to this.  Eventually, most of the Western world will be dragged into the conflicts and suffer hugely when the only commodity the region has to offer, oil, ceases due to the inter Islamic warfare.

Jordan's King Abdullah "Playing With Fire"

by Khaled Abu Toameh
November 7, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi thugs today feel secure enough to impose their will on any Jordanian. The king is encouraging his rivals to pursue their efforts to destabilize the kingdom and create an Islamic state which would one day participate in the "big jihad" to eliminate Israel.

Muslim thugs in Jordan last weekend attacked a large group of young men and women who had gathered at a coffee shop in Amman to celebrate Halloween.

The thugs were members of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and the Salafi group.

The assailants claimed that the party was being held by "worshippers of the devil" and said Halloween was in violation of the teachings of Islam.

The attack is seen as yet another sign of the growing power of Muslim fundamentalists in Jordan.

If the Jordanian authorities cannot provide security for a Halloween party, how will they be able to prevent radical Muslims from taking over the kingdom in the future?

The "Arab Spring," which has seen the rise of Islamists to power in a number of Arab countries, has emboldened Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi followers.

These two radical groups have hijacked Jordan's pro-reform campaign and are doing their utmost to undermine the monarchy.

The two groups seek to establish an Islamic regime in Jordan that would one day participate in the "big jihad" to eliminate Israel.

The Salafi group in Jordan has dispatched dozens of terrorists to neighboring Syria to take part in the jihad [holy war] against Bashar Assad's regime. And this is happening under the watchful eye of the Jordanian security establishment.

Hundreds of Jordanian jihadis are believed to fighting alongside the anti-Assad forces in Syria together with Muslim fundamentalists from all around the world.

Mahmoud Abdel Al, 33, a Jordanian car mechanic and father of five who belonged to the Salafi group, carried out a suicide bombing in Syria last week, according to his proud family.

His mother, Hind, told the French news agency AFP that her son was very religious and had studied the Quran from the age of 10.

"He loved jihad," she said. "When he was a child he wanted to go to the West Bank to fight, but I prevented him. But when he grew up I told him, 'May Allah facilitate your mission and be satisfied with you, my son.'"

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