Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Morsi Refuses to Back Down As Thousands March on Tahrir

Good.  Good. And more good.  The more Muslims in-fight, the more time the West has to group together and form an alliance against the Islamic invasion.  Muslim inter-sect warfare always reminds me of a bunch of rats in a barrel fighting to see which one will survive.

The question for the West is: when will we pull your head out of our Politically Correct and Multi-Culti ass and stand up for our culture and our children.  The Islamists are giving us breathing room as well as crystal clear examples of what life is like under Sharia.  We must act now, before the Muslim world can assemble a unified force.


Morsi Refuses to Back Down As Thousands March on Tahrir

By: Mohannad Sabry. Posted on Tue, Nov 27.

CAIRO — Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Tahrir Square on Tuesday in what looked like a replay of the January 25 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak’s 30-years dictatorship.

The protests were in reaction to President Mohammed Morsi’s insistence to uphold the constitutional declaration he passed last Thursday [Nov. 22] which granted him immunity from all state bodies, including the judiciary.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, the Salafist Front and several other Islamist groups announced calling-off their million-man demonstration on Tuesday. A Brotherhood statement said “demonstrations were canceled to avoid any possible confrontations and bloodshed.”

A meeting between Morsi and Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council on Monday evening failed to persuade the president to withdraw or at least amend the declaration through which he assumed sweeping executive powers and granted immunity to both the disputed Constituent Assembly and the remaining upper house of the now-dissolved parliament. The presidential statement following Morsi’s meeting with Egypt’s highest judicial authority wasn’t much different from what he told crowds of supporters from a stage erected by members of the Muslim Brotherhood at the walls of the presidential palace last Friday.

“The president confirmed that the immunity granted to the president’s declarations, laws and decisions is restricted to matters of sovereignty and is temporarily effective until a constitution is passed and parliament elections are held,” said the presidency’s official statement on Monday.

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