Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three Dead in Fatal Religious Dispute in Aceh

Muslims wanted their own semi-autonomous state and agitated violently for years until the Indonesian government gave it to them. What we are seeing her is the fruits of allowing a Muslim controlled area. Muslim are can never be satisfied to live in peaceful with non-Muslims because the Quran demands that every Muslim do whatever they can to impose Islam on all of humanity.

Forewarned is forearmed.


Three Dead in Fatal Religious Dispute in Aceh

Farouk Arnaz | November 17, 2012

Three people affiliated with a supposedly heretical religious group were slain by an angry mob in Bireuen, Aceh, on Friday.

The incident occurred after a few hundred people arrived at the home of Tengku Aiyub Syahkuban in Jambo Dalam Village at 10:30 p.m. while he was congregating with members of his allegedly blasphemous religious study group.

The mob demanded that Aiyub and his cohorts stop what they were doing, but the congregation refused.

“Aiyub and his followers were brandishing machetes,” Sr. Comr. Gustav Leo of the Aceh Police told the Jakarta Globe on Saturday. “As a result, the mob reorganized and came back to the house with 1,500 people and proceeded to attack the religious group.”

Though police arrived at the scene, they could not doing anything to quell the ensuing pandemonium. The horde proceeded to burn down Aiyub’s house, killing Aiyub and a man named Muntasir in the process.

Another man, Mansur, also died in the resulting violence.

“We tried to evacuate all of Aiyub’s followers. The rest are now at the Bireuen police office,” Gustav said. “We don’t know why the mob considered this group blasphemous.”

Police officers have been busy trying to diffuse the situation by talking with local religious figures.

As of now, no one has been named a suspect for the attacks.

In addition to the three people killed, 10 were injured during the attacks: Azhari bin Muhammad, Syukri bin Ahmad, Saiful Bahri, Misbaruddin, M. Rizal, Iskandar, Tengku Ful Iqbal, Saiful Bahri, Bahani Hasan and Irwan. They have since been taken to the Fauziah Bireuen hospital.