Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bonn bomb was 'as big as Madrid bombs'

Violent, murderous Islamists continue to wage violent jihad while the "moderate" Islamists infiltrate and subvert Western society.  It works like the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" ploy against the weak minded and morally deficient government representatives, with few exceptions, from the White House on down.  Randomly blowing up buildings and infrastructure drives a wedge of fear into the minds of the kuffar while the "gentler, kinder" jihadists use that fear to impose Sharia law, bit by bit into Western legal, social and political systems. 

"Yet it remains unclear whether the crime was politically or criminally motivated. "In one word - everything is open," Griesbaum said."

Well, everything is open except the religion that shall not be mentioned.  This telling and damning statement sums up the West's refusal to recognize Islamic jihad for what it is: Holy War against all of non-Muslim humanity. 


Bonn bomb was 'as big as Madrid bombs'

Published: 12 Dec 12 10:34 CET
Updated: 12 Dec 12 15:47 CET

Police on Wednesday released two Islamists suspected of planting a bomb at Bonn's train station. But they also published a photo-fit image of a man seen near the explosive device, said to be as big as one that devastated Madrid in 2004.

Authorities first sought two men from Bonn's militant Islamist scene, who had previously been classified as "dangerous."

Omar D. and Abdirazak B. were arrested on Tuesday afternoon, security forces in Berlin confirmed, but have since been released.

Somali-born Salafist Muslim Omar D., had been taken into custody at Cologne/Bonn airport in 2008 on suspicion of engaging in terrorist activities. Omar D.'s lawyer Mutlu Günal also confirmed the arrests, but refused to comment further.

The police investigation came after a sports bag was found on Platform 1 of Bonn's central station on Monday. Der Spiegel magazine reported that it contained four canisters of butane gas, ammonium nitrate, a metal pipe, and an alarm clock with batteries, though there appears to have been no detonator.

The area was sealed and the device was destroyed with a water cannon - which may have broken the detonator into "countless pieces," prosecutors said.

But authorities said that if the explosive had been detonated, it could have had a similar effect to the 2004 al-Qaida bombing in Madrid, which killed 191 people.

"It was an extremely dangerous explosive device," state prosecutor Rainer Griesbaum said on Wednesday.

Yet it remains unclear whether the crime was politically or criminally motivated. "In one word - everything is open," Griesbaum said. Investigators believe that the bomb was not meant to be left in the railway station, but perhaps deposited on a train.

Police said they are continuing their investigations, and are searching for a 30-35-year-old dark-skinned man with a slim build and around 1.90 metres tall, who was seen leaving the bag by a 14-year-old boy. The suspect was reportedly wearing a black hat, black boots, and a brown and grey jacket.

CCTV footage taken from a McDonalds restaurant near the station appears to show the bag being carried by a white man before being taken away by a black man. Investigators are unsure whether this was an intended "drop" or a theft.