Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christian Deported from Maldives for Bringing in Literature

A look at life in a 100% Muslim country.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christian Deported from Maldives for Bringing in Literature

Bangladeshi development worker blacklisted from island country

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

NEW DELHI (ANS) -- Authorities in the Maldives held a Bangladeshi Christian in jail for 23 days before deporting him for bringing Christian literature into the South Asian archipelago that claims to be 100 percent Muslim.

Dome of mosque in Male, capital of Maldives, which claims that 100 percent of its population is Muslim.
According to a story by Morning Star News, customs officials found Jathish Biswas, 46, with 11 books on Christianity in the Dhivehi language, the Christian worker said. Arrested on Sept. 27 at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Malé, the nation's capital, he was deported on Oct. 19, after being held in jail for 23 days.

"While I was not physically harmed, authorities treated me as if I wanted to destroy their nation by bringing in Christian books," he told Morning Star News by phone. "They stripped me almost naked to see if I was carrying anything else."

Biswas is executive director of Way of Life Trust, a Christian social and economic development agency.

"Customs and police officials would ask me question after question and deny me proper food," Morning Star News said he added.

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