Sunday, December 9, 2012

In cold blood: A family of five gunned down in their sleep

"East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet."

Read this article.  Think about it.  There is just nothing like it in Western culture.  And yet, Western idiots and useful liberal tools continue to say there is no difference between Islamic society and Western society.


In cold blood: A family of five gunned down in their sleep

By Our Correspondent
Published: December 9, 2012


Unidentified assailants gunned down five people of a family in Bakka Khel area of Frontier Region (FR) Bannu on Saturday morning.

A Bakka Khel police official, Balakyaz Khan said that at around 5:30am, unidentified gunmen barged into Umar Ali’s house in Airport Kallay area and opened fire, killing him, his wife Bakhmina and their three children: 12-year-old Saryada, 13-year-old Yasir and nine-year-old Javaid. The gunmen managed to escape after the brutal murders.

The police reached the scene after residents of the area informed them about the shooting. “The assailants came out of the house after making sure all the members of the family were dead,” said Khan, adding the bodies have been shifted to District Headquarters Hospital.

Umar’s brother Abdur Rehman has registered a case, in which he maintained Umar and his family were asleep when they were murdered.

Initial investigations revealed that Bakhima was a resident of Afghanistan and had married Umar without the consent of their families. She was Umar’s second wife. His first wife left him and moved to her parent’s house following Umar’s marriage with Bakhima.

Umar ran a business of selling ice in the summer and sweets during the winter. The family could have either been killed by the relatives of Umar’s first or second wife, said the police official, adding that investigations are underway.