Sunday, January 13, 2013

#MyJihad in DC: Muslim who fired on Pentagon gets 25 years

Another case of the government refusing to lay charges of terrorism against a Muslim terrorist. It is the prosecutors job to levy the most serious charges available, not to mitigate them. In effect, the prosecutor is aiding and abetting terrorism. Lets hope (no chance though) that Yonathan Melaku is segregated from the general prison population to prevent him from recruiting others to wage jihad. While a 25 year sentence may seem stiff, remember that there is no time limit on jihad and I’ll wager he will continue on the path of violent jihad upon release. All convictions for Islamic terrorism or support for ANY involvement must carry a sentence of life and a day.



#MyJihad in DC: Muslim who fired on Pentagon gets 25 years 

 Yet another young Muslim misunderstands Islam by getting the crazy idea that jihad has something to do with violence. What are Muslim groups in the U.S. doing within their communities to prevent this kind of misunderstanding? Why, nothing. Nothing at all.

 "Yonathan Melaku, who fired at Pentagon and other military facilities, gets 25 years in prison," by Justin Jouvenal for the Washington Post, January 11 (thanks to Daniel): 

A former Marine was sentenced to 25 years in prison Friday for firing shots at the Pentagon and other military facilities in 2010, but federal prosecutors said it was just the start of a violent campaign to register his anger at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Yonathan Melaku, 24, of Fairfax County told investigators that he wanted people to “be afraid for supporting the war,” so he fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle twice, the Pentagon, and then at Marine Corps and Coast Guard recruiting centers in Northern Virginia. No one was injured. 

When he believed that the public wasn’t heeding his message, he planned to deface 2,379 graves at Arlington National Cemetery, shoot at more buildings and then blow up a military fuel tanker truck, according to court documents.... 

Melaku was arrested in June 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery before he could carry out the rest of his campaign. He had a backpack full of spent shells, ammonium nitrate (a component of homemade explosives) and spray paint that he planned to use to scrawl Arabic phrases on the tombstones of those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

Last January, Melaku reached a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to three charges related to the shootings: injuring property of the United States, use of a firearm during a crime of violence and attempted injury to veterans’ memorials on U.S. property. The agreement called for a 25-year sentence. 

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