Monday, January 14, 2013

Sudan Cracks Down on South Sudanese Christians

And the persecution of Christians by Muslims goes on without letup.  Some form of oppression and persecution against Christians, Jews and any other religion is the norm for all Muslim countries, and that includes all the minority Muslim sects.  But then the Quran demands all "good" Muslims subjugate or destroy the kuffars.
Again, the Westrn world should open it's doors to any and all non-Muslims being persecuted in their Islamic hell holes.


Sudan Cracks Down on South Sudanese Christians

Church building demolished; student imprisoned.

By Our Sudan Correspondent

Sudanese authorities demolished the Church of St. John in Khartoum without warning on June 18, 2012. (Barnabas Fund photo)JUBA, South Sudan, January 10, 2013 (Morning Star News) – Sudanese authorities rang in the new year by bulldozing a church building outside Khartoum because it belonged to Christians of South Sudanese origin and lacked a permit, a source said.

South Sudanese have been ordered to leave the country following the new republic’s secession from Sudan in July 2011, but thousands are reportedly stranded in the north due to loss of jobs, poverty, transportation limitations and ethnic and tribal conflict in South Sudan.

The source told Morning Star News by telephone that officials from the Khartoum State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure accompanied by police on Jan. 2 demolished the building of the Sudan Pentecostal Church in Soba Al Aradi, a Khartoum suburb that began as a refugee camp for South Sudanese. The destruction came without warning as part of a government survey of the area, he said.

“We are surveying this area because it was not officially demarcated,” a civil engineer surveying the area told area Christians, the source said. “We are bulldozing this building because it belongs to a church whose members are South Sudanese, but they are no longer citizens of Sudan.”

Officials said South Sudanese in the area are there illegally, but Christians said the government is targeting churches in its stated objective of making Sudan a purely Islamic country.

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