Monday, January 7, 2013

Sudanese Govt. Continues to Victimize Christians

The devout Muslim government of Sudan continues it's genocide of Christians.  Make no mistake, this is purely an Islamic religious war against Christians, it has nothing to do with tradition or ethnicity.  Where is the outrage?  Where is the West? 


Sudanese Govt. Continues to Victimize Christians

by Success Uchime    January 05, 2013

The Sudanese Government has continued its onslaught on the Christian population with the recent killing of Christians during a bomb raid.

This indication is contained in a report by Release International, (  a United Kingdom (UK) Christian advocate adding that least 11 people were killed in bombing raids on Christian villages in South Kordofan over Christmas.

Quoting Morning Star News and Nuba Reports, it observed that Between December 18 and 26, Sudanese government planes bombed more than ten villages, some several times, in the Nuba mountains where there is a large Christian population.

It said that 13 bombs were dropped on Buram village as recently and that  worst hit was Kauda town where 28 bombs were dropped by two Antonov aircraft on December 21, although there were no reported casualties there.

“The 11 confirmed dead were all Christian and included two women and six children. Among those injured was a pastor, Ayube Ibrahim, from Kauda. More than 35 people were killed in South Kordofan in November,” it stated.

It said that Khartoum says it has been targeting South Kordofan since June 2011 because it is a rebel stronghold for the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM – North).

“However, many, including the black African Nuba people, consider the raids to be part of a campaign to rid Sudan of non-Arabs and Christianity. The people of South Kordofan, who are traditionally pro-southern, were denied a referendum on secession promised under the 2005 peace deal,” the report also stated.

According to the report, Christians in other parts of Sudan are also feeling the pressure. Two church leaders were detained on December 16 for baptizing a woman with a Muslim background.

“They have been named as Markus Anthony, a Sudanese citizen of Egyptian origin based in north Khartoum, and Sarbion Hussein from the Nuba mountains. The woman, the pastors and even a travel agent who tried to help the woman flee Sudan are being held at unknown locations,” it further stated.