Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Christianity can go to hell" says NEW Muslim Patrol video

This is happening in London today.  It will be happening in the US soon if the Islamic invasion is not stopped in it's tracks.


"Christianity can go to hell" says NEW Muslim Patrol video

'Muslim Patrol' returns with a seventh video, directly addressing David Cameron

by The Commentator on 4 February 2013 14:20

Muslim patrol

Having been exposed, here on The Commentator in January, the group responsible for the now infamous 'Muslim Patrol' videos has been subject to police action, resulting in five arrests last week.

Since then, however, a seventh 'Muslim Patrol' video has come to light (see below).

Though it is not possible to say with certainty that the newest video was recorded after recent media and police interest, the video features a number of comments which would suggest that the latest clip is indeed a reaction to the public backlash:

"Those people attacking Muslim Patrol because of our activities against Western society are clearly misguided away from the understanding of worship of Allah", remarks one particpant.

"Islam is here in London, Mr. David Cameron, Mr. police officer, whether you like it or not. We are commanding good and forbidding evil on this Saturday night, while the police, they try to get us through the media", says another.

Also notable is a subtle difference in style. Specifically, there is less evidence of intimidation and harassment of citizens, and more time dedicated to issuing threats/stated intentions. It should also be noted that the video is replete with firearm and explosive sound-effects.

One anonymous participant, cloaked in a keffiyeh, aggressively suggests,

"The khuffar, you can go to hell; this is not a Christian country. Christianity, you can go to hell."

Before boasting:

"We are in East London, we are in South London, we are in North London... the police cannot stop us, the khuffar cannot stop us. We are coming to implement Islam immediately."

He continues: "anyone who tries to stop us, we will take their alcohol, we will tell the women to cover up, and we will implement Islam upon your own necks [sic] David Cameron."