Sunday, February 24, 2013

London Metropolitan University suspends researcher with car bomb conviction

This article raises several questions.  First, why the Hell isn't Jawad Botmeh still in prison, having been sentenced to 20 years in 1996.  Second, considering he was convicted of two car bombing in England why was he not sentenced to life-and-a-day for committing Islamic terrorism?  Third, why would anyone ever hire him for anything after such a conviction?

Here's why convicted Islamists must be incarcerated for the rest of their miserable, natural lives:



22 February 2013 Last updated at 08:25 ET

London Metropolitan University suspends researcher with car bomb conviction

A university researcher has been suspended after it emerged he has a conviction over a car bombing at the Israeli Embassy in London.

Jawad Botmeh of London Metropolitan University and a woman were found guilty in 1996 of conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK.

The Unison union said Botmeh - who got a 20-year jail term - declared his conviction when he applied for the job.

He has worked at the Working Lives Research Institute for five years.

The union said Botmeh was suspended on 7 February, shortly after he was elected as a staff governor.

Botmeh, who was released from prison in 2008, was found guilty of involvement in two car bombs set off in July 1994, one of which went off outside the embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens. Nobody was killed.

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