Monday, April 22, 2013

Afghan girls’ school feared hit by poison gas

Once again, brave Taliban jihadis use poison gas against young girls.  The same Taliban the US administration is willing to talk with about a "diplomatic settlement" to the Taliban's war against Afghanistan.  The same Taliban who have recently upped their attacks against the Afghan police and army while the Western troops withdraw.  The same Taliban that welcomed al Qaeda and any other Islamic terrorist group that needed a place to train. 

Goodbye, Afghanistan.


Last Update: Monday, 22 April 2013 KSA 23:34 - GMT 20:34

Afghan girls’ school feared hit by poison gas

Monday, 22 April 2013

Reuters, Taluqan-Afghanistan -

As many as 74 schoolgirls in Afghanistan’s far north fell sick after smelling gas and were being examined for possible poisoning, local officials said on Sunday.

While instances of poisoning are sometimes later found to be false alarms, there have been numerous substantiated cases of mass poisonings of schoolgirls by elements of Afghanistan’s ultra-conservative society that are opposed to female education.

Local officials said the girls became ill after smelling gas at their school, Bibi Maryam, in Takhar province’s capital, Taluqan. The city is about 250 kilometers north of the country’s capital, Kabul.

The Takhar governor’s spokesman, Sulaiman Moradi, blamed” enemies of the government and the country” for the mass illness and said the aim was to stop girls from going to school.

The girls were taken to the provincial hospital and most were released after being treated, though several remained in a critical condition on Sunday evening, the head of the hospital, Dr. Jamil Frotan, said.

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