Sunday, April 14, 2013

Canada: Muslim woman forced to flee for her life because of photo of niqab-wearing woman holding bra

When you import Islam, you import all the nagatives that go with it, and there are no positives as recognized by the Western world.  Here's another case of Islamism being practiced in the West while the authorities sleep.


Canada: Muslim woman forced to flee for her life because of photo of niqab-wearing woman holding bra

Can you imagine trying to murder this woman because of this photo? Islamic supremacist rage and death threats come to Canada -- but remember, it's only "hate" if you disapprove of the Muslim intimidation and thuggery. "Controversial conversation continues due to cultural art," by Taylor Rocca for The Omega, April 11:

    Unfamiliar pill bottles have become all too familiar to Sooraya Graham. Anti-depressants and anxiety medication have found a home in her life where they were previously unwelcome and unneeded.

    Graham sits at home, wondering what she ever did to deserve such a fate.

    Kamloops, the city she once called home, is now just a memory. While Graham wishes it were a more distant one, this memory remains very much at the forefront of her life. Living more than 800 kilometres from Kamloops is enough to remind her on a daily basis. Citing safety reasons, Graham requested her specific location not be revealed.

    Apart from being uprooted and reliant on medications just to get by, Graham is also slowly giving up her religion, that until the past year, was an integral part of her.

    All of this is a direct result of one innocent but provocative piece of artwork.

    In March 2012¸Graham went through one of the most trying experiences any budding artist can experience.

    Graham — a Canadian Muslim — was, at the time, a fourth-year fine arts student at Thompson Rivers University (TRU).

    After composing a breath-taking photograph intended to foster a societal discussion about women — particularly Muslim women and the niqab, or face veil — Graham put her artwork on display as part of a class project for TRU fine arts professor Ernie Kroeger.

    “I was trying to create a discussion point for Muslim women, for veiled women and to kind of just show light of how we are just normal women,” Graham said in a March 2012 interview in The Omega.

    The reaction that followed was beyond anything she had ever imagined.

    According to Graham, her artwork was stripped down from its display and taken away by then TRU World international student advisor, Sahar Alnakeb.

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