Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tunisian who posted topless photos flees

This recent image from video provided by CAPA and Canal+ television on Monday April, 8, 2013 shows Tunisian Femen activist Amina. Bewilderment, scorn, resentment _ women’s rights activists across the Middle East are reacting with everything but joy to topless demonstrations in Europe by the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN against oppression of women in Muslim countries. They fear the bare breasts may hurt their cause more than help it, after FEMEN activists protested in front of mosques and Tunisian embassies last week in solidarity with a Amina who caused a scandal in her own country when she posted topless photos of herself protesting religious oppression.(AP Photo/Benoit Chaumont and Akim Rezgui/ CAPA/Canal+)

It's long past time to open the West to those persecuted by Muslims.  I say Muslims because just like "terrorism" is not the enemy, "Islam" is not self detonating in a mall, Muslims are.  The West is being physically attacked by one group of Muslims and at the same time infiltrated by other Muslims practicing stealth jihad.  Between the outright terror the violent ones instill, and the subversion and corruption of our societies by the stealthy Muslims the West is being attacked from two fronts and with the same goal: Global domination of Sharia.

Some Western country, any Western country, needs to step up and openly offer Amina Tyler religious asylum and extend that to anyone else in a similar position.  The West has to stand up and say that the Muslim persecution of women, other religioins and minorities will not be tolerated.  A line must be drawn in the sand.


Tunisian who posted topless photos flees

Video surfaces in which woman recounts being drugged and given virginity test

Published: 15:30 April 17, 2013

Tunis: The woman who scandalised Tunisia by posting topless photos of herself as a form of feminist protest is now trying to leave the country, her former lawyer said Tuesday after a video surfaced in which the woman recounted being drugged and given virginity tests by relatives.

Amina Tyler, 19, shocked this Muslim nation when she posted Facebook photos with the words “my body belongs to me” scrawled across her naked chest. She was later spirited away by her family after religious hardliners issued death threats against her.

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