Monday, May 20, 2013

Niqab, Burkas and Islam doesn’t help

Well, well, well.  The Muslim world finally comes out first in something.


"Our job is to change the constitution of America." — Sayyid Syeed, Islamic Society of North America

Niqab, Burkas and Islam doesn’t help: Muslim countries lead web searches for ‘sex’, ‘goat sex’, ‘dog sex’, ‘rape’, ‘gay sex’, ‘ass sex’, ‘bird sex’ and ‘sexy child’

May 19, 2013 · by Moderator · in Muslims WorldWide   

Islam appears to contribute to Muslim men turning into sexually distorted and imbalanced individuals. While the Islamic world believe (imagine) that the western world is obsessed and addicted to sex and cause crime and problems, low birth rates and search terms reveal a completely different picture. Muslim addiction to sex and sexual perversions is enormous and evident not only from the Quran and their prophet Muhammad and his history of rape, sodomy, murders, transgender dressing, bestiality, and incest of boys – but by internet statistics strangely correlating to the high volume of sexual crimes by Muslim men.
While Muslims always blame western society for the staggering rape and sexual assault rate by Muslims in society, this does not explain why these crimes are even more common in their own home countries. Nor does it explain why the search term for all kinds of sodomy and perversions are dominated by users in Muslim countries. Muslim and asian countries top all key search term.

We strongly argue that violent rape and other sexual crimes and sexual harassment that are becoming rampant in Europe, and shown to be dominated by muslim men is highly over-represented by muslims, making muslim immigration extremely dangerous to women and children in western society.

“In our religion [Islam], we can’t handle that stuff.” Really? Statistics indicate that Muslims not only can handle it, they want to handle it and are among the most active searching the web for it.

    2004-2005: The most commonly used language for the search term sex was again topped by Muslim languages.

    2004-2005: Keyword search ‘sex’ according to region was the most sought search term in Muslim countries. Incidentally Muslims commit the most sex crimes and violent rape crimes per capita in the western world, while numbers are more than double of that in their own countries – despise women wearing garbage sacks to cover themselves.

        2004-2005: The most frequent search term for sex by cities in 2004 and 2005 were highest from Muslim and Indian cities. Search terms correlated with statistics on sex crimes: India has one of the largest sex crime reports in the world with over 76% of those surveyed admitting to being sexually abused as children (RAHI, New Delhi study).

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