Saturday, June 22, 2013

Congressman: Ad 'racist' because Most Wanted Terrorists all Muslim

I really have to wonder if Washington state Democrat Congressman Jim McDermott (AKA Baghdad Jim) is a secret Muslim.  His actions and dialog are very much like that of a dedicated Islamist.  He certainly does not sound like someone concerned with the welfare of America when he is more concerned about the feelings of the Muslim community than the greater American community.  If he is so concerned that the FBI's top 30 out of 32 top names on the FBI's most wanted terrorist being Muslims, maybe he should tell his good buddies the terrorists to stop detonating themselves and anything else they can manage to blow up.


Congressman: Ad 'racist' because Most Wanted Terrorists all Muslim

'Baghdad Jim' complains of FBI effort to elicit tips from citizens

SEATTLE – An ad on Seattle buses placed by the FBI that shows the faces of 16 wanted terrorists is racist, because all of the men appear to be Muslim, charges Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash.

McDermott is known to some critics on the right as “Baghdad Jim” for stating on Iraqi soil in the run-up to the war that he essentially trusted dictator Saddam Hussein more than President Bush, whom he called a liar. The trip later was discovered to be financed by Saddam’s intelligence agency. When Saddam was captured, the congressman accused the administration of having waited until the opportune time politically to seize the Iraqi leader.

The Seattle Weekly reports McDermott sent a letter to the FBI requesting that the agency remove an ad that shows 16 faces of Most Wanted Terrorists, who all appear to be Muslim.

McDermott, whose district covers much of the Seattle area, calls the ad “offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities,” contending it “encourages racial and religious profiling.”

He argues the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list includes people of other races and “associations with other religions and causes.”

“But their faces are missing from this campaign,” he writes.

Thirty of the 32 people listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list appear to be Muslim. The two non-Muslims are a member of the revolutionary Black Liberation Army who escaped from prison after being sentenced in 1973 and an animal-rights extremist wanted for a 2003 bombing.

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