Monday, June 24, 2013

Female genital mutilation victim was 'aged just seven'

When you import Islam, you import all the brutal 7th century practices that go with it.  Female genital mutilation is a growing problem in Britain and other Western countries despite legal efforts to limit the practice. 

Note that the BBC in it's cowardly politically correct and multicultural approach tries to mitigate the Muslim street's involvement in this most vile of traditions by stating that the practice is also carried out by non-Muslims.  This is true, but the overwhelming majority of clitorectomes are committed by Muslims.  The fact of the matter is that Western countries are not equipped or willing to effectively deal with this evil practice out of fear of Muslim rioting and violence.


24 June 2013 Last updated at 04:20 ET

Female genital mutilation victim was 'aged just seven'

By Judith Burns BBC News family reporter

NSPCC helpline From Monday a new NSPCC helpline will help protect girls at risk of ritual mutilation

A girl of seven was the youngest victim of female genital mutilation (FGM) treated by the NHS in the past two years, according to new data.

Some 1,700 women and girls were treated by specialist FGM clinics but this masks a bigger problem says the NSPCC.

A UK-wide helpline to protect girls at risk of ritual cutting, practised by some African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities, goes live on Monday.

The victims "are hidden behind a wall of silence", said Lisa Harker of NSPCC.

The helpline is run by NSPCC child protection experts who have had training and advice from experts who work with women and girls who have undergone this form of ritual mutilation.

Extreme pain

The charity describes the practice as "illegal and life-threatening" and says that it results in extreme pain as well as physical and psychological problems that can continue into adulthood.

Female genital mutilation, sometimes known as female circumcision has been illegal in the UK since 1985 - but still continues in secret, often carried out without anaesthetic.

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