Sunday, June 30, 2013

Godane loyalists reportedly execute al-Shabaab leader Ibrahim al-Afghani

They're at each other's throats like rats in a barrel.  If the CIA is doing it's job at all, it will be working to foment discord among the various Islamic factions around the world.  It can't bee too hard to stir up trouble among such a collection of fanatics, each whom believes it is his personal duty to kill members of all other sects and the kill or subjugate the kuffar.

Godane loyalists reportedly execute al-Shabaab leader Ibrahim al-Afghani

June 28, 2013

Fighters loyal to al-Shabaab commander Ahmed Abdi Godane reportedly have executed dissenting leaders Ibrahim al-Afghani and Sheikh Maalim Burhan outside the southern Somalia town of Barawe and buried their bodies in undisclosed locations.

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"After the June 19th battle between rival factions supporting al-Afghani and Godane in Barawe, al-Afghani was arrested, tried and shot dead," said Abdirisaq Yusuf, 38, a local al-Shabaab fighter who said he is planning to defect. "The execution was carried out in secret," he told Sabahi, adding that Burhan was killed several days before al-Afghani.

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