Sunday, June 16, 2013

Teenaged robbers torment children

Three guesses about the background of the nameless "teenager robbers" responsible for robbing and assaulting younger children on the street.  Guessing Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists does not count.


Teenaged robbers torment children

June 14, 2013 

Police in Oslo have charged as many as 20 teenagers aged 15 to 19 with the robberies of children as young as nine. Most of the children have been held up in the Groruddalen district on the capital’s east side, and robbed of their mobile phones and other valuables.

Police told newspaper Aftenposten that the teenagers they’ve charged have confessed to 25 robberies over the past six weeks. Some of their young victims, meanwhile, have been so traumatized that they’ve been afraid to go to school, walk alone in their neighbourhoods or ride public transportation.

‘Scarred for life’
“The quality of life has been seriously damaged for these children,” John Roger Lund, chief of the Stovner Police Station in Oslo, told both Aftenposten and Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “Many are scarred for life. Both the children and their parents are scared to death of reprisals.”

Many of the children are showing signs of anxiety and fear, he said. One young girl who was encircled by a gang of the teenage robbers while she sat in the back of a bus told police she felt physically ill during the harassment and robbery she was subjected to. Now she no longer dares to ride on a bus. A 12-year-old boy robbed on his way home from school refused to go back to school for a week after his ordeal.

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