Tuesday, July 16, 2013

After Morsi, Christians and churches targeted by Islamists

The headline says "After Morsi, Christians and churches targeted by Islamists" but the truth is that Christians have been persecuted, beaten, robbed, driven from their homes and murdered by Muslims for 1,400 years.  This is just the latest round of violence.


07/15/2013 16:51

After Morsi, Christians and churches targeted by Islamists

About a hundred Christian families flee the Sinai after the murder of a Coptic priest and the beheading of a Christian businessman. Gunmen riddle churches with bullets. Christian stores are marked for possible attacks, whilst demonstrations target Patriarch Tawadros, "guilty" of supporting Morsi's ouster. Christians are likely to be scapegoated by Islamist groups and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cairo (AsiaNews) - More than a hundred Christian families have fled El Arish in the Sinai after receiving death threats from Islamist groups following the fall of Mohamed Morsi. On 6 July, a 39-year-old priest, Fr Mina Haroan Abboud, was killed. On 11 July, the body of another Christian, a merchant from Sheikh Zowayd, was found decapitated. He had been kidnapped a few days before. Currently, Coptic churches in northern Sinai have cancelled all services and meetings, except for a Mass on Friday. No Christians are left in the towns of Rafah and Sheikh Zowayd.

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