Sunday, July 7, 2013

Channel fined for Islamic scholar's 'duty to kill' speech

To expose the truth is now a crime in England.  At least if exposing that truth bares the blatant hatred and violent calls for Jihadi murder of infidels.  The only way most people will ever learn the truth about Islam is to allow Islamist screeds to be aired.  Suppressing such programming only protects Islamists from scrutiny.  Meanwhile, this religion driven violent content is regular fare on Arabic language media which goes un-reported and not acted on by the government.

Such suppression by government is of course exactly backward from what needs to be presented to the citizenship.  Until the majority of the population is made aware of the extent Islamic invasion the Islamists will continue to infiltrate and subvert Western civilization.


1:43pm, Fri 5 Jul 2013

Channel fined for Islamic scholar's 'duty to kill' speech

Last updated Fri 5 Jul 2013

A television channel has been hit with a large fine after broadcasting a speech by an Islamic scholar who said Muslims had "a duty to kill" anyone who insulted the prophet.

The watchdog Ofcom levied the fine, totalling £105,000, after it found DM Digital had twice breached the broadcasting code.

Ofcom's report cited a programme called Rehmatul Lil Alameen which was broadcast on October 9 2011, and which featured a live lecture which it said was "likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder".

Ofcom fined the channel £85,000 and ordered them not to repeat the broadcast.

The channel was also criticised for its coverage of a UK-based conference later the same year which Ofcom said offered a "one-sided" view of political violence in Karachi.

It was fined £20,000 in that instance.