Thursday, July 4, 2013

Egypt Sex Attacks Reach 'Horrific' Levels

It really does not matter one whit just which Islamic sect or Islamic government is in power, others will always try to take that power.  Rape is a major weapon of Muslim terrorists along with summary executions and bombing of children.  This has been ongoing for 1,400 years and there is no end is in sight.  And as always, whichever minorities are in the path of the current “Holy Jihad” pay a terrible price as scapegoats and whipping boys for the Muslim supremacists as they battle each other.

Instead of continuing to underwrite and abet the Muslim hordes, the West should throw open it's doors to any and all non-Muslims being murdered, persecuted and driven from their homes.  This would take away resources from the Islamists and send the message that Islam is not compatible with Western civilization.  It would also clear the area of the truly innocent in event military action must be taken against the Islamic tidal wave of global jihad. 


9:05pm UK, Wednesday 03 July 2013

Egypt Sex Attacks Reach 'Horrific' Levels

Almost 100 women have been sexually assaulted in Cairo's Tahrir Square in just four days, according to Human Rights Watch.

The charity described the attacks as "rampant" and said they highlight the "failure of the government and all political parties to face up to the violence that women in Egypt experience on a daily basis".

Some of the 91 women assaulted were reportedly beaten with metal chains, chairs and sticks, while others were attacked with knives.

The assaults came as protests escalated in the square, culminating with the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi in a military coup.

Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, said: "These are serious crimes that are holding women back from participating fully in the public life of Egypt at a critical point in the country's development."

Some say the attacks are staged by thugs who are abusing a lack of security and are confident of escaping prosecution.

Others claim they are organised to scare women into not joining anti-government protests.

Human Rights Watch cited figures from a hotline for victims of sexual assault and Nazra for Feminist Studies, a women's rights group.

The watchdog called on Egyptian officials and political leaders to "condemn and take immediate steps to address the horrific levels of sexual violence" in the square.