Saturday, July 13, 2013

Malaysia Reverts to Radical Islam

 Malaysia is rapidly being taken over by radical Muslims, as is much of the Islamic world.  In one case two people are being persecuted by merely for posting a pic of themselves enjoying food on Facebook during the Muslim "holy" month of Ramadan.


Two NGO's lodge report over couples Ramadan post
Bernama | Updated: July 13, 2013

JOHOR BAHRU: Two non-governmental organizations filed a police report today over a provocative Facebook post allegedly made by two former National University of Singapore students which stirred racial sensitivities of Muslims in the country.


In another instance the Vatican ambassador to Malaysia is being harassed by radical Muslims to leave Malaysia or "shut up" and not use the word Allah.


Friday, 12 July 2013 17:34

SHUT UP OR GET OUT, Malay NGOs call for expulsion of Vatican envoy

A coalition of Malay Muslim NGOs today urged the government to “chase away” the Vatican ambassador to Malaysia for meddling in “Islamic affairs in the country”.

The coalition, whose members include the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM), claimed that Archbishop Joseph Marino’s endorsement of Christians using the world ‘Allah’ proved that the ambassador has “bad intentions”.

Archbishop Marino was reported yesterday as praising the local Catholic church for championing the right of Christians to use the world ‘Allah’ to refer to God.


So the long held view that Malaysia is a Muslim country capable of coexisting with the West is rapidly coming to an end.  As with the rest of the Islamic world, it is descending back to the barbarity of the 7th century.  The most radical Muslims now hold sway over their more moderate brethern and are carrying the day toward imposing a global Caliphate.