Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sanghar: Catholic nurse living in fear because she does not want to marry Muslim man

This is daily life in Pakistan for non-Muslims.  A life of fear, degradation, kidnapping, brutality, forced marriage, forced conversion to Islam, and outright murder.

The horrendous story related here is another way Muslim men achieve blessings from Allah by using coercion or kidnapping to forcefully marry non-Muslim women.  After a bit, they are divorced and left to fend for themselves while the rapist/kidnapper looks for another "wife".  This is known as marriage jihad.  As is made plain from this article, the police and government agents are in cahoots with the perpetrators of marriage jihad, and any other form of persecution they can dream up. 

Again, the West must throw open it's doors to those persecuted by Muslims, wherever they may be.  At the same time, Muslim immigration (read invasion) of the West must be stopped or drastically curtailed. 


07/24/2013 13:22


Sanghar: Catholic nurse living in fear because she does not want to marry Muslim man

by Jibran Kahn

Ghulam Muhammad, an influential and feared Muslim businessman in Sanghar District, has threatened to abduct Nazia Masih and disfigured her with acid because she has refused to marry him. The man is known to police because of several complaints against him of kidnappings and rapes. Yet he lives with impunity. Now Nazia's whole family is in danger. "We are Christians and poor," she said. "In Pakistan, our honour and property are not safe." For a Catholic priest in Karachi, "This is shameful". The authorities "need to do something to protect them."

Karachi (AsiaNews) - Pakistan's small Catholic community has been shaken again by another case of violence. An influential Muslim businessman in the district of Sanghar has repeatedly threatened a Catholic nurse who has refused to marry him, filing a case against her when she became engaged to another man. Despite the threats, the situation seems under control for now.  Police, which so far aided and abetted the Muslim man, has been forced to provide protection to the Catholic woman thanks to pressure from Christian groups and moderate Muslims.

It all began when Ghulam Muhammad decided he wanted to marry Nazia Masih (pictured), a Catholic nurse from Padri-Jo-Goth, Sanghar District, who works at Cheniot Hospital.

Muhammad approached her with a proposal to marry him and convert to Islam. After she turned him down, he threatened to abduct her and disfigure her with acid.

Regrettably, Muhammad has a certain reputation in the district as someone who has already abducted, raped and forcibly converted local Hindu women to Islam. Those who dared sue him for rape were in fact unable to obtain justice.

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