Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saudi court orders severing of defendant’s leg

Here's Sharia in its purest form folks.  This is what Islam wants to impose on America and the West. 


Saudi court orders severing of defendant’s leg

Leg can be saved if defendant pays SR1.5m diya to victim

By Staff

Published Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Saudi court has ordered the severing of a local man’s leg after he caused the amputation of the leg of another Saudi, when he shot him during an argument.

The court left the door open for a reversal of the verdict in case the defendant pays diya (blood money) to the victim, who is demanding SR1.5 million.

Talal Al Shammari shot Mohammed Al Mutairi in the leg during a fight in the eastern Saudi town of Dammam several years ago.

Doctors at a government hospital decided to amputate Mutairi’s leg to save his life.

“Mediation efforts by a number of tribe leaders and dignitaries have succeeded in persuading Mutairi’s family to accept diya. Shammari’s family is now appealing for public help to pay the sum and save their son’s leg,” Sabq daily said.