Monday, August 5, 2013

95% of Grooming convictions in the UK are Muslim men

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95% of Grooming convictions in the UK are Muslim men.

From 4freedoms: Muslim Pimping/Grooming Gangs - collected articles

"Localised Grooming" Gangs (convictions from 1997)

The Times article from Jan 5 2011, on this grooming phenomenon shows a realisation (at least in one newspaper) of the scale of the problem (attached as a PDF here).  You can see his original list (to the end of 2010).  There have been as many convictions since 2010, as there were in the previous 13 years investigated by Norfolk.

This list is compiled based on definitions provided by Andrew Norfolk, The Times, 5 January 2011:

"The 17 cases identified by The Times which showed a pattern of exploitation"

5 non-muslims (maybe they saw muslims getting away with it, so copied them)
20% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are called "Mohammed"
95% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are muslims

List is HERE.